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I'm a long time software developer (30+ years) who has worked with very nearly every procedural programming under the sun (I've not done anything with functional programming, but I'm working to remedy that). I started on the TRS-80 Model I and have worked on everything from DEC-10 mainframes to 8051 embedded processors and pretty much everything in between. I've done machine control, instrumentation, web back ends and front ends, security, computer generated poetry and other things that I can't remember at the moment.

Technical Skills

Like: java, javascript, ajax, linux, html, python, ruby


Software Developer, Cyberitas Technologies, November 2015 – present

c++, java, php, sql

I work with a team of developers building fast, responsive websites for a variety of companies in different industries. My particular focus is on the backend technologies, in particular, search and application server code.

Software Engineer, SRC, Inc, April 2015 – November 2015

c++, qnx, java, netbeans-platform, netbeans, xml, protobuf

I work in a team with four other developers to create GUI and management software for radar units fielded by the U.S. military and other entities. The radar management side is all in C++ running on QNX based single board computers with the GUI written in Java (using the Netbeans Platform) and running on Windows and Linux laptops. My primary responsibilities are debugging and enhancing existing code to provide new features and make use of the radar and other sensors in new ways.

Owner, Odd Job Computing, January 2013 – Current

html, css, javascript, linux, networking

General computer consulting and web design for local businesses. I mostly handle IT work for local businesses and consumers, with the occasional foray into web design.

Software Developer, Thomson Reuters, September 1999 – January 2013

php, java, javascript, c#, windows, nimbula, linux, xml, web-services, amazon-ec2

I worked on a wide range of projects, ranging from implementing and managing a local GForge (a SourceForge fork) installation to developing standards based authentication and authorization systems in C#, C and Java. I implemented a Java based "universal" authentication system that could be used by web applications to handle user authentication from a variety of internal systems. I also implemented a WS-Trust compliant Security Token Service and sample clients. I was also responsible for implementing an internal cloud computing environment using Nimbula Director. In addition, I oversaw the implementation of CVS as a source control system (in conjunction with the GForge implementation mentioned) and then the migration of that source repository into Subversion.

Software Developer, Cybeq Nano Technologies, January 1998 – August 1999

qnx, c++, tcl, tk, embedded, state-machines, robotics

I developed the control system for an automated CMP tool for the semiconductor industry. The control system was responsible for managing the movement of 300mm wafers safely through the system as well as determining the recipes to be applied to the wafer at any given step. The software and tool were developed concurrently over a period of less than 18 months from conception to shipment of the prototype tool.

The overall tool was designed as a network of independent tools, each with a small controller PC running QNX. There was a central "manager" controller PC (also running QNX) that controlled the robots and managed the flow of silicon wafers through the machine. The user interface was written in TCL/Tk and ran on a standard PC under Windows and was connected to the management controller via ethernet using a custom protocol (If I were to redo this today, I'd use a web browser as the UI with a server running on the management console, but HTML wasn't up to the task at the time).

Software Developer, IPEC, February 1997 – January 1998

visual-basic, machine-control, c, c++, embedded, robotics

I developed the control software for wafer cleaning and polishing tools for the semiconductor industry. I was responsible for the software controlling prototype tools, working alongside the electrical and mechanical engineers to fully integrate the tool as quickly as possible. Additionally, I was the chief "firefighter" for the production tools, I was responsible for finding and fixing software (and often electrical and mechanical) issues that were plaguing customers.

Software / Hardware Designer, Calibron Systems, July 1993 – January 1997

c, c++, assembly, hardware-design, pcboard-layout, calibration

I designed and developed both hardware and software for the flow control industry, including densitometer control software, flow meter calibration software and calibration equipment control software. I also designed the electronics for vibrating tube densitometers and other flow measurement equipment. I wrote a complete flow meter calibration suite in C++. The densitometer electronics and control software was 8051 based and compensated for temperature, pressure and flow using fixed point arithmetic. It supported a small LCD display as well as current loop outputs.

Developer, Older Stuff, 1982 – 1993

c, forth, pascal, clipper

During this period I worked on a wide variety of projects for a range of small employers that encompassed everything from mortgage trading to automobile management to computer generated poetry.

Projects & Interests

GitHub – msged,, August 2014


The FidoNet BBS message editor for point nodes and sysops
Mostly of historical curiosity at this point

I wrote the entire editor in portable C, from design to final implementation. It was written to be portable across all the major C compilers of the time (MSC, Watcom, Zortech, Borland).


First Computer: TRS-80 Model III

Favorite Editor: Emacs

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