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My name is Jim Nutt and I’m a computer geek currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. While I consider Phoenix, Arizona my hometown, I was born in Michigan and lived in the midwest until I was about twelve. I’ve been working (as in paid to work) with computers and technology since I was 16, but have always been the kid that took the radio apart to see how it worked (sometimes I even managed to put them back together!). I usually end up as INTP on Meyers-Briggs tests, sometimes coming out ISTP or even ENTP (rarely, the extrovert seldom wins). I’m married and the father of one boy. I’m an avid offroader and love to take the Jeep out on the road less traveled.

Raised in a Christian home with parents who truly modeled God in my life, I accepted Christ at the age of four and was water-baptized (immersion) at the age of nine. I’ve a terribly boring testimony, as I’ve never particularly gone through a particularly rebellious period. That’s not to say that there haven’t been spiritual droughts and tough times, just that I’ve never wandered very far from the Lord. I married late, was divorced 5 years later (not by my choice) and am currently married to the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the world and have a son.
I’m not an apologist or a great theologian. I feel that God has made the Gospel simple, such that we foolish men can’t really screw it up over the long term. My posts on God and relationships are based on my experiences in life and how I read the Scripture, the opinions are solely my own. God has been my support through times both good and bad, He’s been faithful to me, regardless of my faithfulness to Him and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I have a taste for absurd humor, the Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Looney Tunes, etc. and a strong dislike of scatological humor. I read extensively and on a wide variety of subjects, but my favorite books tend to be science fiction and fantasy. I love e-books and carry an extensive collection with me on whatever e-reader I happen to be using at any given time, that way I’m never without something to read. I’m willing to talk about nearly anything and know a little about almost any subject (but not much about anything).

Oh, and the “award” on the main page is from sixth grade, when I was voted smartest in my class by the rest of the students. My sister found the certificate a couple of years ago so I decided to scan it in.

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  1. Okay, so if a regular nontech-type as myself wanted to start a blog what should I do? Funny history on blogging and bloggers found in my search today through Google. Weblog = blog? Blah blah blah came to mind and with great laughter I suddenly wanted a voice on the www too. My version of this life may have something to give (or not) to someone else who truly wants to spend time surging through the web. My prayer would be that people would not only find a source of encouragement, a new friend and bible truths but Jesus in the process. Where do I sign up? What is your advice?

  2. Try Blogger to get started. They’ve some basic information on what blogs are and how to get started and they’ll host your blog for free. I pay for my hosting service because I use it for other things (like email, etc), but for a beginning blogger, the free services work pretty well.


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