Ok, somebody didn’t get the memo. Here it’s March 24th, 3 days after the start of spring and it’s snowing outside. That’s just not right.

5 thoughts on “Spring??”

  1. We had 85 degree weather this week…for us, it’s summertime! Are we in opposite hemispheres or something??!! I don’t like extreme weather on either side…give me a nice, cool, calm day over either snow OR extreme heat!

  2. It’s called global warming. I’m not kidding. It messes up the climate, sometimes that means it is colder than usual and snowing. Here in Southern California we’ve had much more rain than usual.

  3. Actually, the weather is well within the natural variability for New England. The climates just miserable here, we’re quite far north and the Gulf Stream has already pulled away from the coast, so we don’t get the warming benefits of it. And remember, at one time, Greenland, was, like, green, warm enough to support a Viking colony for a couple of hundred years. Climate is quite variable and frankly, we just don’t now enough about it to say whether we’re affecting it or not. Remember, in the ’70s everybody was panicking about a new ice age that was coming and global cooling was the big fear!


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