JonFund Lakeview Run 2005-03-19

Ah, now this was a nice day. Mid 40s temperature, sunny, no wind, perfect day for off-roading. I was out with JonFund down on the Connecticut / Rhode Island border. There was a bit of snow on the ground yet and some ice combined with mud made things a bit sloppy. This just helped make the run a bit more challenging. I did have some minor breakage after I went through a mudhole a bit too fast and bent a rim sufficiently to let the air out of the tire. Of course, it was on the backside of the rim, so I had to pull the wheel off. I pulled the wheel and got out the Bigger Hammer and pounded the rim back into shape. A quick fill to 15 psi with the CO2 tank and back on the trail. But then, if you don’t break something, you’re not having fun!
Lots more pictures here and here.

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