Perfect Timing

It’s truly amazing the way God provides for us. He always provides what is needed, and always exactly when it is needed. Just like a loving parent provides for their children, God provides for us. Unfortunately (or so it seems to us), His timing isn’t always our timing and He doesn’t necessarily provide our wants, just our needs. Like the children we are though, we want God to do things our way and we want it NOW! Fortunately for us, though, God is a patient parent and ignores our tantrums and provides for us in His timing and in His own way. The hardest thing for us to learn as Christians is to how to wait on Him and then to accept the provision He’s made for us. The key is to always remember that He has made provision for us, we just have to wait on Him.

This all particularly applies to relationships, where it’s especially hard to wait for God’s provision. We want someone to share our lives with, to love, and be loved by, and we want them now! It’s a good thing God is smarter than we are about such things, it’s just too bad we rush things and get into relationships that aren’t what he wants for us. It’s when we are patient and wait on God for that perfect relationship that we can be truly happy in that relationship. Rushing God is never the wise thing to do and always leads to disaster in the end. And unfortunately, when we rush into a relationship, that disaster encompasses two (or more) people instead of just ourselves. But once again, God is good (all the time!) and He can bring us out of a bad relationship and back into what He has for us. It may not be what He originally planned, but it will always be better than what we provide for ourselves.