Spam Karma

I love Spam Karma, a WordPress plugin for blocking comment spam, it also handles trackback spam to a certain extent. I’ve had it installed for quite a while and it’s done a wonderful job of blocking comment spam and I don’t think I’ve seen any false positives. In general, it catches most of the spam before I ever see it for moderation, so it’s quite nice in that respect.

2 thoughts on “Spam Karma”

  1. Whoa, cool live webcam– it freaked me out a second ago– your room suddenly lit up and you turned and looked at me– mindfreak! LOL!, Oops, now you scooted back, I wonder what you will do next?

    Did you ever see “The Truman Show?” LOL

  2. Yeah, I’ve been working on making that work right. It updates every 30 seconds when it’s on.

    I use to have the Truman Show on DVD… but it disappeared after my brother-in-law visited (one of his favorite movies). :>

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