Logitech G613 Lightning Review

So, I just got a new mechanical keyboard (Logitech G613) with an old school key layout and I’m liking it very much. I think I’d like to switch caps lock and control (or just remove caps lock altogether and use it as a second control key), but other than that the feel is great. My typing flows much better and the keyboard is better sized for my hands than my old one. I much prefer the bigger keys with more travel to the little “chiclet” keys that barely move. It is going to make typing on the Surface-Go’s keyboard a real chore though. It’s a beast of a thing as well, absolutely huge and weighs a figurative ton. But it stays put as you type and you really need the size for proper keys. All in all, I’d say it was definitely worth the money. Oh, did I mention it does bluetooth as well as having a dedicated dongle? So far, I can’t really tell a difference in response time between bluetooth mode and “lightspeed” mode (using the dongle), but then, I’m only using it for straight typing, I’m not gaming with it (and what gaming I do is either Minecraft or Civilization, neither of which is really twitch intensive). In either case, it doesn’t seem to lag perceptively. Tuesday will be the real test, when I get back to work and have to use it all day long. I don’t think it’ll be fatiguing, but it does require more finger travel then the old keyboard.

An update, the keyboard got knocked off the desk by a cat and two of the keys were broken, so it’s a little lacking in the durability department. I’ve since purchased another mechanical keyboard that I’ll be reviewing shortly.

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