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Ok, knowing that I’ve been around Christian rock nearly forever, I thought it’d be interesting to find out what the oldest Christian rock album people have is. The oldest one I have is “Bootleg” by Larry Norman, circa 1971 (and yes, it’s on vinyl [and yes, I have a turntable I can play it on]). What’s the oldest Christian album you have lying around?

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  1. Unfortunately, no albums. I lost what few I had in the early 80’s when they were placed too close to a heat vent!
    Among them were two or three Imperials albums, including the ones produced by Michael Omartian.
    Actually, I would love to find those on CD.

    Probably the oldest CD I have is a set of the best of the 2nd Chapter of Acts. Excellent!

  2. Alas, I fear that much of the older Christian Contemporary will never make it to CD. I was actually surprised that Petra “Petra” made it to CD. I’d love to get stuff like “White Horse” and “The Stand” on CD. One of these days I’m going to spend the time to copy my vinyl to MP3s, but that’s time-consuming, so I keep putting it off 🙁


  3. I remember that album (I may still have a copy on vinyl), she’s come a long way since then (and not necessarily in the right direction).

    And I’m always happy to link to someone else…


  4. I have a few Keith Green albums, notably “So you wanna go back to Egypt?”
    and some good old Second Chapter of Acts.. from way back when

  5. That’s a great album, the title track in particular is lots of fun. I’ve got “How the West was Won” around somewhere too, with 2nd Chapter and a bunch of other bands.

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