Salted Caramels

2 cups sugar
2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
3/4 cup corn syrup
Kosher salt

Bring sugar, butter, corn syrup and 1 cup of the cream to a boil.
Add remaining cream slowly, keeping the boil going.
Continue to boil until temperature reaches 245 to 250 deg F, slowly reducing the heat as the temperature increases. 245 deg F will yield softer caramel, 250 firmer caramel, above 250 will give you something like Werther’s.

Pour into an 8 square inch dish, either buttered or lined with parchment paper and let cool. When the caramel has formed a skin on top and is slightly firm to the touch, sprinkle with kosher or coarse sea salt, fairly liberally. Allow to cool until fairly firm, then cut into squares with a pizza cutter liberally coated in butter. I have no idea how long they’ll keep because they never last more than a day or two around here.

Warning! These are highly addictive and extremely rich.

If you use a good heavy saucepan, you shouldn’t need to stir much once things come to a boil. A good candy thermometer is a must though.

Salted caramels on holiday plate
Salted Caramels

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