Home at Last

It’s so nice to be finally home again. As nice as the weather was in Arizona through December, it’s good to be back in my own house and bed. The drive back from Phoenix to Boston was uneventful, with good weather along the way. I averaged roughly 600 miles a day and made the trip in 4 days. I could have done it in 3 or even 2 days, but I decided there was no good reason to push myself like that.

A couple of observations: 1) A soft top jeep is very LOUD on the highway, particularly when the crosswinds are up, 2) turning the stereo up doesn’t really solve the problem and 3) it’s expensive to drive cross-country when the vehicle only averages 15 mpg. It definitely would have cost less to fly out, but then I couldn’t have gone four-wheeling and I would potentially have had to rent a vehicle while there, negating the cost savings.

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