On The Road

One of the things I love about my job is that I can do it pretty much from anywhere. So, today I’m sitting in a Panera bread in Sioux Falls, SD about 1300 miles from where I live. And I’m getting quite a bit done! Tuesday I was actually working whilst traveling down I-90 at about 70 mph (and no, I wasn’t driving!), modern technology is a wonderful thing. On the downside, it tends to mean that I’m available to work 24/7/365 and that I sometimes let work escape its cage and interfere with the rest of my life. But I try to keep that the exception and not the rule. In any case, we’ve just about finished week one of Baby Tour 2007 and I’m happy to report that things are going well, TJ is becoming a seasoned traveler and, while he doesn’t necessarily enjoy the car seat, doesn’t seem to mind it too much (unless he has a dirty diaper, in which case, find an exit fast!). We’ve made the Nutt family reunion in Monroe, visited cousins in Wisconsin and now are visiting friends in Sioux Falls, next stop is Rapid City, then off to Phoenix to see my family. From there, things get a bit fuzzy as the itinerary isn’t set in stone yet, but it involves Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Pennsylvania and possibly Kentucky (whew!).

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