Morgan the Dog

Originally uploaded by Jim Nutt.

Well, we decided the pitter-patter of a mere 12 feet wasn’t enough, so we added four more feet to the mix. This is Morgan, a pit bull / chow mix (we think, it’s hard to tell) that we picked up at the Wanderer’s Rest shelter in Chenango. She’s very friendly and seems to like other animals, which is good, because we have three cats already. About a year old, she needs some basic obedience training, but seems to catch on quickly. She’s going in to be spayed on Monday and we’ll pick her up Tuesday morning, so we have a couple of days to “dog-proof” the house.

2 thoughts on “Morgan”

  1. wonderful! Morgan doesn’t look chowish! but if she acts it, more catlike, well, you know she’s got chow in her. Chows are a wonderful breed! go here for a description of some heroic chows.
    You are heroes to chows. so few give them a chance. usually ending up in a shelter is a death sentence. thank goodness you got her!

  2. I agree that she doesn’t look terribly “chowish”, pit bull/chow is what the shelter thinks, possibly with some husky in the mix. My wife loves chows, so that didn’t worry us. We’ll know more about her behavior over the next week or two after her stitches heal from the spaying.

    (oh, and I’m not sure why you got all the gibberish when trying to post the comment, it was accepted, but required moderation [there’s a huge problem with spam in comments])

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